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Multicultural Arts and Crafts Materials
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We at Alaafia Kids love arts and crafts! We believe that arts and crafts is a great way to allow imaginations to soar, just as it gives little hands a lot to do and little minds a lot to explore. Arts and crafts is a good way for young children to perfect their cutting and gluing skills. There’s also a bunch to discover about the wonders of simple things such as paper! Children can investigate color while they’re playing Picasso. They can explore texture of all kinds of materials such as clay, wood, plastic, felt, and foam while they’re busy creating that masterpiece! There really is no end to the benefits of arts and crafts. One of the best parts about it is that you can do a lot with just very little, even with things such as egg cartons and empty jars that would normally go into the recycling bag.

Multicultural Arts and Crafts Supplies
Alaafia Kids is happy to offer several types of multicultural art and crafts supplies to round out your collection. Many of these items are hard to find in most stores because they are so unique.

Here we have all sorts of writing tools your Alaafia Kids need to work (i.e., play) through our Reusable Alphabet Art Flip Charts and our Coloring-Story Books. You can choose from a wide variety of multicultural arts and crafts materials that are great tools to foster open-mindedness in everyone! You will find multicultural paper, crayons, washable markers, pencils, modeling clay, paint, felt figures…and a whole lot more!

Children love to draw people. They have a fascination for faces that goes back to infancy. Every baby I know just loves to gaze into faces! Moreover, the first thing my daughter drew when she was two was a smiley face. These art supplies will allow children to draw all colors of smiley faces! And then attach arms and legs! And then dress their “people” up! The activity possibilities are endless with these multicultural arts and crafts supplies.

Life Lessons Learned through Multicultural Art
We believe that having art supplies like these available to your children will make their artwork look more authentic and representative of the human population. With several different skin tone colors, children can show the genuine diversity of people in their art and come to appreciate that difference is normal. They may show this diversity in all sorts of media, from paper to felt to paint to clay. They may not yet be able to articulate the concept that difference is normal, but they will at least be able to recognize it and accept it, especially if they work in several different media again and again.

Arts and Crafts in the Homeschool
We think that arts and crafts is the activity par excellence for all children, especially homeschooled ones! Not only is it a fun diversion from more traditional educational activities, arts and crafts can be integrated into every major subject area! There’s a lot to be learned, for example, about measuring, calculating, reading, and writing from doing arts and crafts. Click here to subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter that will feature ways that arts and crafts can take center stage in your homeschool!

Free Multicultural Project Idea
With every purchase of an arts and crafts material, we will supply you with a multicultural project idea.

If you do not find something that you are looking for in multicultural skin tone colors, please let us know! We will make every effort to get it for you!

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